1 thought on “Weekend bonus shot, 05.24.08”

  1. Pancakes aren’t ‘tunip’.

    As a curve ball to random loud frequent shouting, 2 now mumbles ‘that’s tunip’ at his food. After a week’s concerted decoding, wifey, 1 and I have concluded that its a genuine neologism for food thats not nice. An earlier theory that he was making a comparison to turnip was fairly quickly rejected (avoiding any further turnip vs swede conflict).

    Quite the independent thinker, this week has also seen variations of ‘Mums and Dads’. At the last count our family entailed: 2, younger brother 3 and I as Dads, with younger brother 3 the Mum, all doing away fine in our family building brick house.

    Hurry back, O worded one.

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