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This year’s Lezzys are on: over two dozen lesbian-authored blogs, finalists for The Lesbian Lifestyle’s “Best” blog for 2009 in Entertainment/Culture, Humor, Parenting, Engagement/Wedding, Feminist/Political, Personal, “Out later in life,” Sex/Short Story/Erotica, NEW Lesbian Blog, Podcast, and Lifetime Achievement. Yrs truly is up for “Best Parenting Blog.” Voters vote daily

Whistle-stop housekeeping tour

It’s happened again! The beloved opened another show (per usual: a runaway smash hit; this one is Once Upon A Mattress), and our family life is beginning to find its equilibrium again. Granted, equilibrium is preceeded by both kids having various breakdowns all over Mama, but veteran parents such as we

Love train

Valentine’s Day train ride, Berkeley, CA. Way back when the beloved and I had our commitment ceremony, circa 1997, we made a point to celebrate all kinds of love. Familial, platonic, romantic; all of it.  We did that partly because we were uncomfortable about having drawn people from far and

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