4 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 04.26.08”

  1. Oh yeah, they’re totally not related! =D

    He has the most wonderful eyes, all full of wonder and wide-eye innocence. Oh, and some devilishness, what would a little boy be without devilishness?

  2. Thank you, martian77. One of the main bennies of being “non-bio” is that I can heartily agree with you without the awkward implication that I am also complimenting my own beauty. Which of course would be fine, don’t get me wrong: healthy self-esteem, and none of it’s our own doing anyway. But thank you. I totally agree.

    And oooooooh yeaaaaaaaaah, Att. Divvlishness for sure. He will get himself into — and charm himself out of — a heap of trouble in his years. Payback time for Baba.

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