15th of 21


Post-dinner dance party. 

There was only time for one song: which would you choose?  “Flashlight” bolted out of the gate as an early contender, but “Super Freak” came from behind and took the night.

If I have one gay (parent) agenda item — other than, can I serve my kids up a little legal and social recognition to go along with their vegetables, please? — it is that these children, particularly this white boy, catches the boogie fever. So far, so good.

[Want to just hear the rhythm section on “Flashlight?” Totally fascinating.]

2 thoughts on “15th of 21”

  1. We used to feed our kids a variety of after bath delicacies to dance to. The nightly routine of a family boogie after bath helped to mitigate the inevitable post-prandial, post-ablution rush of energy. With such a crowded dance floor, the nightly dance is now the exception rather than the rule. To pick only one is hard but I’d go for:


    I find it a completely compulsive song to listen to- do say if you manage just the one listen without getting hooked.

    This would probably be the current runner up (Youtube doesn’t have the album version which I prefer):


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