Mary go around


Or at least that’s what the lil’ monkey used to call them. She may know better now, but I don’t have the heart to ask and find out. This one’s at the Oakland Zoo.

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  1. alphafemme November 17, 2009 at #

    I’m continually in awe of how much you two DO with your kids. My parents certainly didn’t go on so many outings with us as kids. It’s fantastic! I love it. Such a great model. It’s the kind of parent I hope to me someday.

    • Lesbian Dad November 17, 2009 at #

      You are too kind, alphafemme. I mean no, really: too kind. Were they able to type legible comments themselves, my kids might add that I also manage to do a goodly amount of rummaging around on the computer as they slowly decorate the entire flat here with confetti and devolve into various and sundry mildly destructive behaviors borne of boredom.

      Fortunately, that’s broken up with fun, too.

      We do have a lot of it at our fingertips here in the Bay Area. Want to be really overwhelmed by how much engaging, enlightening fun you could be having with your kids (here & many other places)? Get a load of what the Rookie Moms keep suggesting. They issue a stream of crafty, thoughtful projects and outings, many of which have a very low bar over which a beleaguered (sp!) rookie parent must hurl her/his beleaguered self, mit kids. Much of the time, the most I can manage is to read the copious suggestions on the computer as the kids cut up and drape confetti all over my socks.

  2. dimplecheek November 19, 2009 at #

    What a great shot! Is the mirror there for the train?

    I think my son is grateful for the “confetti time” he gets. After a long day at work and preschool it’s just good for everyone’s attitude. Robby calls our outings adventures, like Uncle Wiggly has in the stories we’ve read over the years. It’s obvious you are paying attention to your children and they are cherished!

  3. Chumpy November 21, 2009 at #

    We met her sister Mary Christmas once.

    A few years back, prompted by alluring Christmas present earrings. When 1 was introduced to dinner guest, Mary, her reply was ‘Ma-a-a-ary Christmas?’

    Mary was a work colleague, visiting for the first time, just before the festive period. It was one of those moments where 1 translated a frisson of social awkwardness and something noticeable about another person (gaudy earrings) into something different altogether.

  4. Tamara Granger March 11, 2011 at #

    that’s a really smart pic Polly 😉

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