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We have us a winning post title

Remember last week, when I did a Reader Appreciation Day funfest thingie, and asked folks to send in potential post titles, for which I would then write a matching post? The winning title-submitter would become the proud owner of the prototype LD Loves Me keychain: explicable to a select few; cheap as can be; ordered in a fit of whimsy online. In actuality it turned out to be a button with some flimsy keychain attachment. It looked so good in the facsimile image on my computer screen.

Well! After much deliberation, the judge n’ jury of two came up with:

  • Waving not drowning

from our UK correspondent, Chumpy.

I can’t divulge too much about the judge n’ jury’s process, because I couldn’t make out the words through the glass I had held against the door. But I do know that, like me, many times the elder of the two likened the First Year of the Second Kid to a near-drowning. An amazing, wonder-filled one, don’t get me wrong. And one we’d do over and over again, especially if it was the only way to get to where we are now, which is a managable, if often taxing, dogpaddle with two kids who are fascinated by each other. We aspire to a graceful crawl one day, and goddess love us, I think we will. As we tearily wave good-bye to the lil’ peanut as he boards the bus for the circus.

But so! Back to the post title funfest. This time next week I’ll put up a post that tries to do justice to “Waving not drowning.” And I suspect I’ll be tempted to poach among the other ones, from time to time, when the well starts to look a bit dry.

Thank you all who played, thanks again to Robin for a great idea, and thank you all who continue to read.

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