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It was bedtime, and I thought I was going to have to mount a lengthy campaign to extirpate the lil’ monkey from her downstairs cousins’ room, which she ransacks daily in a never-sated hunger to fiddle with (disassemble, rearrange, touch, or simply breath upon) their toys and books. Then the fairy goddesses arrived and did it for me, effortlessly.

Her special cousins, who had come to visit toward the end of a day of mega-wide extendo family/community fun in our back yard, simply entered the house (gliding in on feet that I’m sure didn’t even move), slipped their magic fairly fingers into hers, and led her out. They then proceeded to glide as a trio across the lawn totward us, swirly filaments of fairy dust wafting behind them. They were so beautiful playing together that we postponed putting the girlie to bed ’til the special cousins went home.

Could I have possibly imagined this love (and what it feels like to witness it) when my beloved and I sat down with my dear old friend and her partner, and talked about what it would mean to all of us if we borrowed a cup of sperm?

Nope. Beyond all of our sweetest of dreams. But I’m here to testify — especially to you hetero families who may be considering known donor relationships with would-be families like ours — that this is a priceless bonus. More love for your kids, deep, special love, even. Who wouldn’t go to the moon and back for that?

*Thanks to AZ for recording the moments on film.

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