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Weekend bonus shot, 01.23.11


Ice cream Saturday, Albany, CA.

Apologies for the zero posts this past week. We had a birthday in there, with a double-birthday boy party (4 yrs old & 90). Plus the usual sundry, plus plus. Over here, you will see one sign of the busyness of the week.

What the heck was that, you ask? Glad you asked. It’s an Annex I’m going to keep over at Posterous, because why? Because between a full-blown, fairly carefully landscaped and weeded blog, plus a Twitter feed, a gal doesn’t have quite enough online venues for self-expression.  Over five years ago I thought of this space as an open lab of sorts, a place to audition and share ideas in process. What with their eventual destiny being: buffed, polished, and appearing on a printed page, either as an essay in a journal or magazine or anthology, or in a book of me own.  That notion is still in place (I’m polishing up material that began here for submission to an anthology even as we speak!).  But I’ve also come to regard this blog as way more well-thought out than I first thought it would be, a piece of media in its own right, and one with high editorial standards for inclusion (if not for frequency of publication! cough!).

So! After seeing other self-respecting blogger folks set up smaller, less formal venues for sharing visual stuff (Karen Walrond’s Posterous tag line: “because the iPhone photos have to go somewhere”!), I thought: “Hey! The other cool kids have one! I want one too!”  And thus I slid another yard or two down the proverbial slippery slope.  I post, therefore I am.

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