4 thoughts on “Camera girl”

  1. Fun picture. Names such as Irigaray and Warhol come to mind. Of course, so does the phrase “Like Baba, like daughter.”

    • Oh, Trooper36, you flattererer, you. Also words like simulacrumosity. I know, I know, not a word. Thank you.

      Mr Lady, I know our daughters would get along famously, were there to be a girlie-to-girlie meet-up.

      Vikki, alas, we had a fitful session once — that one time, allowing me to post this here image — which ended in calamity when we discovered that parents huddled over a laptop trading care of kids in a café is not such a viable thing. That is, when parent #2’s internet time came after a lengthy grocery shop. Sadly, not only did the beloved know, so did everyone else in the café. Just as well; kept us up in the woods, where we belonged.

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