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We have a Newborn Madness winner!

The Know-It-All-Brother-In-Law saw a resemblance to Winston Churchill.
A stretch? You be the judge.

I am so thrilled that so many of youse were happy to jump aboard the Newborn Madness bandwagon with me and hazard a guess as to how many pictures I could possibly have taken in a twenty minute span of the little peanut. Eighteen Nineteen stalwart souls put up numbers ranging from 37 (tracerhawk) to 400 (kelly; and I’m flattered you thought so highly of my trigger finger).

The actual number of pictures taken in a twenty minute span was…..

Seventy four!

That makes FemKnitMafia the happy winner of a “One of My Moms is Blogging This” product from Mombian. She guessed 70. Tied for second place are Vikki and Annemarie4, who both guessed 67. Blue Ox is in third with a guess of 87. If we weren’t scrimping and saving so’s he could have a new pair of shoes, I’d get everyone some kinda something. The other thing is, I want to save for the next such baby-drunk jamboree, since this one was so fun.

FemKnit, I’ll be writing you to get your mailing address just as soon as I finish diapering the little guy, since I’m leaving him in the lurch to get this note up.

Anyone with at least a minute and a half to squander is more than welcome to gaze upon all 74 peanut images in this fancy Flickr-induced slideshow. Speed it up to one every second and it positively flies by.

Thank you all for playing.

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