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  1. Pictures like these make me want to have another baby. Luisa – if you are reading this, don’t think I’ve lost my mind and am shopping for sperm right now 🙂

    He’s beautiful!

    A techie aside…how do you get the pictures to display so nicely on your blog?

  2. Thank you both. Of coure he gets his rakish good looks from my side of the family.

    On the techie front, Vikki: display-wise, I do very little other than: (a) use Flickr as my “holding tank” for the images, and then (b) pop the URL for the size picture I want (the biggie size for my layout is 480px x 319px) into the top of the text box for a post’s entry. It’s WordPress K2 convention, I think, to do the thin border. I vaguely remember selecting (or not nixing) that as an option when I was setting things up. Maybe. Or maybe that was from Flickr?

    Image-wise, I do think that the camera & lens help: I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT which generates 8 megapixel images, and it lets me do most everything with available light (using ISO 1600). The lens I use is from my old analog film days — couldn’t afford both the digital body and new lenses, so I just sold my old body & my main lens & got a digital camera body that would use the fixed-width 24mm lens I kept. I got that one long ago (13 yrs? back when we were Avenging) to do wide angle-y photojournalistic-y stuff. Now, with digital, the 24mm lens has lost the slight wide-angle edge distortion, & functions more like a 35mm-ish jobbie would on analog. (I think that’s what Henri Cartier-Bresson used? With his Leica? Who knows.) But with the high quality of the raw image, I can crop and kinda get a pseudo- cheapskate telephoto effect. One day when the ship comes in I’ll buy another lens. I’m sure.

    On this image above I fiddled around with the tint and stuff, too. Usually I do that on the fly with iPhoto (which does have a handful of the most essential contrast/ hue fixes that Photoshop has). If something warrants lots more effort I go to Photoshop. But that’s on special occasions. The iPhoto options do great for most stuff, I’m finding.

    Ooops! A hair more detail than you might have asked after, mebbe! But there you go. Maybe all you needed to know was WordPress K2 plus Flickr. 🙂

  3. I’ll have to sit down with a big cup of coffee and sort through that answer. I’m very much a beginner on this whole thing.

    I did manage to put some borders around my photos now (editing the style sheet) and adjust the thumbnail size. Now, I will have to experiment with flickr. I have an account that I rarely use. I know…I’m so uncool.

    Thanks for the detail though! I know that you are a busy gal these days so I appreciate you takin’ the time.

  4. Wow! Legal so soon? Melissa had to wait six months with our little Rocky. Too bad it’s not automatic, that your own children can be legally your own children. Infuriating, actually.

  5. Ah, Blue O., would that the street legal was for the little peanut pictured in the come hither pose above. No, it’s a way, long, long overdue street legal for our first kidling. Long story, some of which I hope to record here. The court proceedings were so quick, given how long it took us to get to the court. I didn’t even have a chance to trot out any Perry Mason jokes or anything.

    One day we won’t have this proceeding to go through. But I have to say there’s something to having parenthood so formalized that I think is a bonus, too (odd, I know: I hope to make sense of it in more column inches…).

    And virgotex: Of course I couldn’t agree more with you. Any & all complements to this little nipper I find utterly trenchant and perspecacious (?!!). I’m with you on the chin dimple, too. That’ll be slaying ’em, right left & center. Whoever the ’em is.

  6. he is sooo adorable. great smirk, bit mischievous, feels very responsible scientist smart. funny. yes. definitely dry as a bone funny.

    sure, ld, it reads like a personal ad, but it’s comforting to know that at least one of has the perfect man.

    I hope you and your gorgeous family are doing wonderfully.


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