Gitcher handy-dandy CA progressive voter guide here

“Here” being actually “over there,” there being Courage Campaign. Image takes you to Courage Campaign’s page, their PDF link direct to you here.

The PDF download lists who’s for and against the various California propositions on the ballot, and includes a brief synopsis along with Courage Campaign’s recommendations. John in Sacramento, at Firedog Lake, has a different take on one of the propositions, which you can read about here.

Whilst I was burnt to a crisp over our last opportunity to jigger the state’s politico-socio-economic landscape with the faux-populist proposition, I, along with many dutiful folks in the various states holding elections today, will drag my arse to the polls and vote all the same. Since a few local issues and party primaries are buried in and amongst the ballot measures in my state.

For those of you interested in Equality California’s candidate recommendations (both LGBT and pro-LGBT candidates), here’s their voter guide for Northern and Southern California. The endorsed candidates of the EQCA PAC are all listed (and detailed) here.

Elsewhere, I’m happy to pass on, “Other Issues Crowd Out Gay Marriage.”

If you’re in a state with elections today and forgot your polling place, find it here at

[And if  you’ll permit a brief an extended non-electoral editorial aside: please accept my apologies for light posting this past week, mebbe coming up week, too. We had a no-show Weekend bonus shot this past weekend, which I never like to see, and still consider a sad sign of overwhelm of one degree or another. I got some really great stuff in the hopper, but it’s having to stay there longer than I like, due to lotsa work at Casa LD. Lotsa work meaning that unpaid time such as what’s clocked here gets sucked up into the dryer/behind the couch cushions/name yer favorite ne’er to be returned from vortex. Similar vortex that sucked up my Blogging for LGBT Families Day post, and my ability to re-conjure both the spirit and the time.  Damn vortex. I have high hopes for the coming months, though, which include some significant family firsts, not least of which is preschool for the boychild, also known as GUARANTEED CHILDCARE TIME FOR THE BABA.  As me Pops is fond of saying, “The future lies ahead.”]

Happy Harvey Milk Day

Today’s California’s first observed Harvey Milk Day. Actions and celebrations are stockpiled here by EQCA and here on the Harvey Milk Day web page. Here’s the Milk Foundation’s site, which includes a great page on Harvey In Schools.  Our school district will be adapting HRC’s Welcoming Schools curriculum next year, as policy district-wide (first such district in the nation, thankyouverymuch!), and I reckon we’ll be working with this material plenty.  I look forward to reporting on it.

Our family  didn’t go door-to-door today, which some did (see the EQCA page), or attend a celebration out and about. We did talk about Harvey Milk, though, and liken him as someone who is, to mama’s and baba’s people, what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X are to their Auntie Rachel’s people. (Both Martin and Malcolm are celebrated in our school district; this past Monday was a school holiday for Brother Malcolm).  The word martyr is an important one, but one we haven’t broached yet. We have Kari Krackow’s kid’s book The Harvey Milk Story,  but stopped short of reading it this year.  The assassination is on the third to the last page; no graphic images but the following:

On a gray November morning, Dan White crawled through a basement window at the back of City Hall with a loaded gun.

Dan White entered the mayor’s office and, after a brief argument took place, shot Mayor George Moscone.  Reloading his gun, he hurried down the hall to Harvey Milk’s office. Five shots rang out.

Both Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk were killed.

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Et tu, Glee?

I know you do not come here for the latest in pop culture news and analysis.  Neither do I. But I have to rant more than a Tweet’s worth (i.e., more than 140 characters, likely more than 140 words — I’ll let you know when we get there) , and this is as good a place to do it as any.  In fact, it’s the best place, since (a) I expect many of you might be thinking quite similar thoughts as I am, and can  help me out here, and (b) those who haven’t had these thoughts, but actually think differently, can contribute to the conversation/our collective enlightenment on this tangled mess.  Needless to say, if you don’t come here for pop culture news and analysis for a reason, and that reason is it’s disinteresting to you, sorry! Move on! I’m taking a pop culture water cooler break here!

There may not be an easy summary to the tangled mess, but if there were, it’d have something to do with the noxious mixture of a well-intentioned reference to gay people’s existence and (ooo! that was 140 characters!) a deeply-founded fear of (skittishness about? does the distinction make a difference?) representing us in three-dimensional, un-caricatured ways in high-stakes, big-money media products.  Clarifying and enumerating details to follow in tirade below. Er, make that lengthy, brazenly unedited tirade below.

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Flights of fancy

Dispatch from BlogHer/Chicago 09 #1: Just a quick note to be filed in the “I don’t get out often enough” file: some tidbits from the SkyMall magazine. No tidbits yet regarding the conference because Evening 1 all I did was eat some wonderful free food, sip some wonderful free wine, hug many people excitedly, come up to my room, and then get only partially requited with the internet before crashing.

One thousand bloggers in the same hotel may be a wee strain on the system. Credit to the crack BlogHer events planning tech crew and the Sheraton, who has been feverishly installing/upgrading/what have you. I understand there may be a bellhop or two whose job this weekend is to lean precariously out a window holding a satelite dish in juuuuust the right position.

Now on to the quick note, before I rejoin the happy fray. There will be the jet-setters among you who are out and about all the time, and are utterly dulled to the jaw dropping wonder of the SkyMall magazine. But by my calculations, it has been just over two years that I took a plane somewhere. So I was utterly unprepared for the garden sculptures section of the magazine, which featured, yes,  a GARDEN SASQUATCH.

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