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Gitcher handy-dandy CA progressive voter guide here

“Here” being actually “over there,” there being Courage Campaign. Image takes you to Courage Campaign’s page, their PDF link direct to you here. The PDF download lists who’s for and against the various California propositions on the ballot, and includes a brief synopsis along with Courage Campaign’s recommendations. John in Sacramento,

Happy Harvey Milk Day

Today’s California’s first observed Harvey Milk Day. Actions and celebrations are stockpiled here by EQCA and here on the Harvey Milk Day web page. Here’s the Milk Foundation’s site, which includes a great page on Harvey In Schools.  Our school district will be adapting HRC’s Welcoming Schools curriculum next year, as policy district-wide (first such

Et tu, Glee?

I know you do not come here for the latest in pop culture news and analysis.  Neither do I. But I have to rant more than a Tweet’s worth (i.e., more than 140 characters, likely more than 140 words — I’ll let you know when we get there) , and

back up that-away
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