Lesbian Dad


Thanksgiving table post-repast, Berkeley, CA. We all went around my brother-in-law’s Thanksgiving table–my own brood, my dad, my mother in law, her old friend, her partner, my partner’s dad, my partner’s brother’s family and his wife’s mother–and said what we were thankful for. Many of us said we were thankful


Making restaurant patrons ever so slightly uncomfortable in Santa Nella, CA. He could just as soon be searching in vain for my daily posts for National Blog Posting Month. Which, around these parts, sputtered and degraded into National Blog Sporadically Posting Month, or NaBloSpoPoMo. All the same, lard love me,

ReOccupy Cal

Today, a Day of Action, called by popular vote at the General Assembly the night of November 9, was held. An “Open University” Please forgive the advert that precedes this 17 minute clip from Robert Reich’s historic–yes, it’s not even a day old yet, and it’s clear it will be

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