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The Weblog Awards voting has commenced


So sometime earlier today, the folks at the Weblog Awards enabled the voting screen on their site. Here’s how to cast the vote:

    1. Go to the 2006 Weblog Awards: Best New Blog page.
    2. Scan the entries, roll &/or hover your cursor over all the other finalists for a moment, heightening the dramatic tension a bit.
    3. Tire of the whole charade and click in the little button to the left of the words “LesbianDad,” then click the “Vote!” button at the bottom of the page.
    4. Read this blog again tomorrow.
    5. If I manage to have charmed, enlightened, entertained, or favorably diverted you for just one eensy weensy moment, then repeat steps 1. through 3., daily until December 15th. I pledge to make it worth your while. Or at least try to.

Many, many thanks, even just for visiting and reading. And if you go to vote: before you leave the Weblog Awards voting pages, mosey on over to the 2006 Weblog Awards: Best of the Rest page, and cast a vote for LizaWasHere, who’s also a lesbian mum and a great writer.

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