Lesbian Dad

Hold the call to the Federal Elections Commission


Kidding. I will totally figure it out by the weekend.


The beloved looked over my shoulder and was sure I’d be turning would-be voters away for several, critical, landslide-inducing voting days. I says NO! Dry humor is visible a block away! The would-be voters will persevere! Or at least come back tomorrow, right?

The folks at the Weblog Awards are still (as of this writing, mid-morning PST) tweaking the Diebolds at Weblog Award Central, which, upon some armchair sleuthing seems to be none other than Wizbang! Which makes the appearance of this lesbo bon mots depot yet more flabbergasting! Now I am sure it was a typo and “Thespian Dad” was the intended finalist.


I find the fresh breeze flowing back and forth across heretofore unlikely combinations of authors and readers really interesting. If we were all at the same cocktail party we’d be in oppposite corners of the room, either studiously ignoring the others, or maybe even pitching Vienna sausages at The Enemy. Me, I’m a wannabe Bodhisattva, so it is my position to be the Enemy of no one, except perhaps Time. (Though I do think Time started it first.)

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