Lesbian Dad

New day

Looking southeast from the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge, traveling westbound over the San Francisco Bay, CA. Each morning that I’ve commuted to work, since I started my job a little over a year ago, I have taken a picture to send (via text message) back to my kids, to lessen the

Christmas Lullaby

“Christmas Lullaby,” by Jason Robert Brown, eavesdropped after dinner early December last year. [Ed note: since it’s not hosted on this site (file size exceeds capacity, etc.), it’ll be less choppy if you give it a moment to load before hitting “play.”] I couldn’t help but re-run this sweet gem

No accounting for taste

Above, what I ate for dinner, oh, a number of weeks back.  A favorite meal.  Stir-fried tofu, sauteed purple onions, roasted pine nuts, stir fried kale. Probably olive oil, some Spike and other seasonings, probably a dash of sesame oil, a squirt of Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids, and a shake

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