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Christmas Lullaby

“Christmas Lullaby,” by Jason Robert Brown, eavesdropped after dinner early December last year. [Ed note: since it’s not hosted on this site (file size exceeds capacity, etc.), it’ll be less choppy if you give it a moment to load before hitting “play.”] I couldn’t help but re-run this sweet gem

Regarding the carousel

At the Tilden Park Carousel’s Christmas Extravaganza, Berkeley, CA.   We’ve been here before. (Back then, when she was two, and again then, at two and a half. Clearly it’s a thing for me: I just counted over half a dozen “carousel”-referential posts here.) We come to Tilden Park’s Christmas Spectacular

At the end of the tether

Tetherball at big sister’s schoolyard, Berkeley, CA.   Next time around it smacked Baba in the kisser. That’ll learn me to pay attention. To wit (re: paying attention): I’ll be untethered from ye olde internet next week. Digital Sabbatical time, thank you GwenBell et al.!  Clarity, monotasking parenthood, and board

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