Lesbian Dad


Garlanded girl, Berkeley, CA. If I told you who wove this garland of flowers for my daughter, you wouldn’t believe me. You would totally not believe me if I told you that my children are cared for a few afternoons a week by twin teenage musical theater performing braniac kids

New day

Looking southeast from the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge, traveling westbound over the San Francisco Bay, CA. Each morning that I’ve commuted to work, since I started my job a little over a year ago, I have taken a picture to send (via text message) back to my kids, to lessen the

Weekend bonus shot, 04.01.12

Sleepover, hour seventeen, Berkeley, CA. Hour seventeen of the kids’ first sleepover, and ticked off the list are: innumerable art projects, some even completed; six slices of pizza; multiple cups of popcorn; way too many glasses of fruit juice; The Aristocats; three cookies; two pillow fights (one PM and one AM); a

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