Lesbian Dad

Even’ time

Lake Merritt Boat House, Oakland, CA Lean times at the blog. Really lean. Which must mean: boom times offline! Really booming. Like, KA-booming. In the very wee post-work hours ‘twixt a Friday night & a Saturday morning, I figger I can pause and post this picture. The kiddles were romping

Radio; infrequency

The author (far left), pleased as punch to be posing with (l-r) KALW San Francisco City Visions producer Lisa Denenmark, NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell, City Visions host Joseph Pace, and Equality California Marriage Equality & Coalition Strategies Director Andrea Shorter, following the July 11, 2011 show “What’s Next for the

Baba’s Day: Quickie Dispatch

“It’s okay to hav a Baba,” (sic) from the girlchild, Kindergarten year (2010). The sun still hasn’t set on Baba’s Day this year, and I can’t pause long, but do want to leave a little something here for the occasion, in solidarity with any other comrade who happens by. The

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