Lesbian Dad

Weekend bonus shot (Tuesday edition), 01.17.12

Alwyn Court (2)

Alwyn Court, W58th & 7th, New York, New York.

Above image apropos of nothing much in particular, except that I walked by this confectionary extravaganza yesterday on a stroll after work with a colleague and friend (known on the internet as Mr. Lady: that we’re now working together is indeed fitting, since her “handle” is such a nifty complement to Lesbian Dad).

And yep, I’m not a’tall shy about stopping and craning my neck and photographing gothic outbursts like this (got its own NYT article plus a Wikipedia entry). Just one of the manifold benefits of being so far into one’s forties that one is lapping up at the edge of fifty (yep: this is what almost-fifty looks like).  As a younger pup in this photogenic town, I kept the camera lens trained in front of me, oftentimes from the midst of a big-ass crowd, at a sea of queer folk marching in the street with or without permit (as yet still consigned to slides, else they’d make regular appearances here).  Now I point my lens 360 degrees, tourist-style, and I just don’t even care who takes notice.


A day late, in honor of Dr. King, some past posts here in recognition:

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