Lesbian Dad


Out with the old! And not a moment too soon! [Broke sidebar update: sidebar still broke just fixed on the home page! As continues to be abundantly evident.  Not in abundance: my bright ideas as to what happened, or what else to try to un-happen it.  But I’m back home

Weekend bonus shot, 12.20.08

Waiting, Berkeley, CA. This was a moment during which my kid and I were waiting for the BART train into the city to go see a holiday dance show.  For minutes on end we watched people descend the escalator: first shoes, then legs, then torso, then whole person.  Could have

Et tu, Barry?

First off,  I really wanted to get back to sweet little stories of human connection and the everyday foibles of parenthood, you know?  Really did.  Have something in the hopper even.  I genuinely try to use this venue as a means to lift not just my own spirits, but those of

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