A love story.

A brilliant two minutes of film from GetUp!, a multi-issue progressive Australian organization (along the lines of Courage Campaign here in CA).

The Advocate posted about it right after Thanksgiving

From the text on its YouTube page:

Please share this with friends and loved ones.  Donate to put on Australian tv: http://tiny.cc/gkuwp Sign petition: http://www.getup.org.au/marriagematters

A Texas gal wants to send 100,000+ signatures on a petition to the senior advisor to the CBS CEO to get this aired at the upcoming Superbowl. Even if popular demand doesn’t ordinarily determine what shows (or doesn’t) at the Superbowl, why not ask?

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  1. proudsecondgen December 8, 2011 at #

    I swear I teared up watching this!
    This one is just as amazing. This guy truly shows the true meaning of family

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