5 thoughts on “Fasten yer seatbelts!”

  1. Well, proudsecondgen, this is getting close to what it’ll be, I think. Sure to be tweaks here and there, but we got us a container, I’ve begun to figure out how to fiddle around with it, and have sent my gals a “honey do” list (their word!) of little things here and there to polish.

    I believe most of the blog content is visible now, though some right margin stuff is thinned out.

    Some will trickle back over the next week or so, but we’re mainly there, now.

    Welcome to the new digs!

      • Phshew! (or however you spell relief)

        I tried to plug in the blog title on the header JPG but clearly am missing the expertise to wrangle the font from my Photoshop file into a ready for primetime state. Fortunately Dresden & L.J. are actually driving and I’m just playing with the kid’s steering wheel over here in the passenger seat. Before too long you’ll actually see the blog name back up there too. Meanwhile it can be a sneaky tease of blank space. Which, as designers and meditators say, is not just a valid, but a vital element balancing content per se. 🙂

  2. That’s close enough to relief.

    I think that it’s a good use of blank space, especially with the signs that are being held up by people that say semi motivational things. I am going to start thinking of you as a backseat driver that knows what they want, but just can’t do it themselves.

    Your blog ladies sure do know what they are doing though!

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