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Back to School, LGBT parent version

Tomorrow’s the first day of school for the girlie, and she is so excited she can barely sleep. Baba is so determined to actually put things in the blog after both the job and the kids are in bed for the night that she is not sleeping. Barely.

IMG_4140First thing to report on is that I combed through and updated all twenty-some-odd links on the LGBT Parenting Resources page I list here at the yet-again-pulled-back-from-the-brink blog (design tweaks still ongoing, as the observant might note).  If you haven’t perused that page, please do. Or if you have a friend who is hunting down a compendium of resources, by all means send ’em there. And let me know if you think I should add more.

Next, in honor of the Back-to-School season, a half-dozen bullet-pointed resources (followed by some anecdotal commentary) that may be of help:

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Weekend bonus shot, 08.28.11 (Monday edition)


Sunday morning, Berkeley, CA.

Ever since I began to read about digital sabbaths (and later, thanks to Gwen Bell, sabbaticals), I was convinced that observing one regularly would be critical to my mental health. Both the beloved and I work at home a great deal, using the internet and communicating via email incessantly.  Our big win, up until recently, had been to not answer the phone (or the smartphone-delivered email, or text message) during dinner. A lilliputian accomplishment.  

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Fasten yer seatbelts!

Site fixie currently underway, courtesy of LJ and Dresden, the crack team at Plaid House Designs.

Meanwhile, to answer the question, “Is it over? Or is it just beginning?” I leave it to Bette as Margo Channing. Though I’m anticipating more “fun” than “bumpy.”

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Ol’ school!

At the Huntington Library, Art Gallery, & Gardens, San Marino, CA.


What began as a simple hello, along with an overdue Weekend bonus shot, morphed into an ill-fated WordPress update which borked the blog.

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