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At the Huntington Library, Art Gallery, & Gardens, San Marino, CA.


What began as a simple hello, along with an overdue Weekend bonus shot, morphed into an ill-fated WordPress update which borked the blog.

So what you see here encasing this post–that is, if you view this puppy outside your reader & in the comfort of its mothership URLis a blast from circa 2008 or so. Trippy! What you see as the container for the content is a minimalist stopgap which will now be patiently awaiting further detailing as off-work, weekend, nonchildcare time allows. Meaning: don’t hold yer breath for the pretty thing we used to see here! But do chime in if you have design thoughts because I think the doors are wide open for bright ideas.

I have sent an urgent message via the batphone to the design wizzards at the other side of the country whom I hope to enlist as Blog Saviors. Meanwhile, for anyone who didn’t visit this blog way back in the olden days of 2008, this is way more what it used to look like! (Header here: me hoisting kid #1, back when I could hoist her above the head instead of on the hip, which, yes, I still do & she’s nearly 7 yrs old as of this writing.)

Needless to say I keep a shiteload of content in widgets (currently shrouded by a heavy curtain of borked HTML) in the sidebar, not least of which is a ton more explanatory info, links to various orgs [got them back; they matter], and some BlogHer ads [fixed that right quick: peeps, they help cut the losses this thing: I’m only out a few hundred, annually! 🙂 ] to help keep this project from draining the family finances. Hopefully within the week or so it’ll all be back to normal, or even (better yet!) a new normal.

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