Lesbian Dad

Battered out in Alabama

I usually don’t pass on news items here, mostly because my discretionary time for posting is limited, and I know folks get news elsewhere, and my “beat” here tends mostly toward the parental. But I saw this at Towleroad, and felt compelled to draw it to wider attention: “Lesbian Beaten by a Dozen People at an Alabama Bar.”

The short version: a woman was jumped by 12 people; clear indications were made that she was being singled out for her appearance; she was the only one cuffed and arrested by local police.

Andy Towle embedded  video from the local news station on it, and I’ll let you see it over at his blog. But  I want to send you to it with a few quotations.  From one of the men attacking Laura Gilbert:

If you want to look like a man, you’ll get hit like a man.

And from Laura Gilbert, to the reporter:

I’m an American just like the rest of us are. I have rights. I have the same right as y’all do. Supposedly.

Please go check it out here.

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