Road trippin’


The first in what’s sure to be a fitful spring break travelogue.  Who knows — this may be the first and last entry.  But right now I got WiFi and an eddy of time as my daughter makes a windsock in the hotel’s kid’s club!  While the beloved reconnointers the beach with the boy child and her dear friend & said friend’s family.

Basically, Holy Crap, is all I can say.  Yes, I hardly get out, and yes, this is our first time in a hotel with our kids.  And it was chosen by the beloved’s dear friend, whom we met here.  She (a) also has kids and (b) has been here before and has given it the stamp of approval.  Apparently, people do stuff like this.

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Weekend bonus shot, 03.28.10

And now for something completely different.

For this weekend bonus shot, not B&W, not even a still picture.  Video, shot on a pocket point & shoot camera by an old friend on the fly, practically on the sly. About four random (to me, beautiful) minutes on a sunny  Sunday afternoon in spring.

The boy child was doing a duet with his Mama: she on piano (and vocals), he on guitar. Which looks suspiciously  like a feather duster.  Also he wanders off midway through to go fetch some other sheet music.  I was impressed that he turned it right side up.

So very often I think to myself, “If only those haters drunk on that hatorade could just sit down and truly bear witness to any ordinary moment of our lives — ones like these, for instance; totally random, yet as representational as any other — they’d have to think differently. Wouldn’t they? How can this not simply mean: love? And therefore: good.”

I know, I know.  Still, a gal can hope. Matter of fact, sensibly or no, hope springs eternal.

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On top o’ the world


Which, in the lil’ peanut’s world, equals: zoo train.

He waved enthusiastically at everyone we passed by.  At least 33% waved back. Unalloyed unselfconsciousness: the double-edged, enviable, indomitable power of the three year-old.

When the zoo train took its San Francisco Bay view loop, all us grown ups were casting our eyes out across the beautiful, wind-swept vista.  Meanwhile our kids kept a steady bead on the bushes in their emu /wallabee lookout.

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