Hang on, little tomato


That’s about as much as I’ve posted here since, oh, who knows when. That much: the size of the smallest cherry tomato our boy child could find on the vine. A wee little dot of sweet. And so much is afoot in the world around us (as ever), unremarked upon.

But the end is near. I mean in a good way, as in, I think this thing munching up all discretionary (read: blog posting) time is nearing an end. For the two or three of you left out there: yay! More for you to consider and chit-chat with one another about, soon.

Meanwhile, a nice ditty for inspiration, from those fine fine Portland swingers, Pink Martini.

3 thoughts on “Hang on, little tomato”

  1. Hope you’re hanging on too, LD. And congrats that your real life project is starting to bear fruit! I’m so looking forward to the time you can just look back, shake your head, and wonder how you got through it all.

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