Lesbian Dad

I get allergic smelling hay*

Close, but no cigar. Yesterday Monkey and I went to the Little Farm, where local city slickers take their youngins to observe the pastoral delights most of us have never known firsthand (yet there they keep showing up, in all the books we read our kids). I myself was reared

Plus ça change, or Prides I have known

O how they’ve changed. This year my Pride began in a friend’s church, of all places — though I think we can all agree that the Unitarian Universalists are not your mother’s church. I had contributed to the service (offerings? program?) by sharing a “reflection” on gender, as seen through

Accesorized @ Pride

Beads courtesy DadDad, who got ’em flinged at him by some scantily clad lads on a float. Tatoo from Queerspawn. T-shirt, by Baba, reading: AMOR VINCIT OMNIA. Sticker by COLAGE. Not pictured here: rainbow painted on left cheek by Our Family Coalition/COLAGE volunteer face painter, & DIY tie-dye T-shirt.

Jizoo Boodah

Lil’ Monkey’s most favorite talisman at the moment is the Jizo Bodhisattva. She has a hard time with the mouthful “bodhisattva,” and has settled on the misnomer “Buddha”; “Jizo” itself comes out more like “Jizoo.” [Update: “bodhisattva” is now approximated by “bodhi’s office.”] Jizoo Boodah has a swing to it,

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