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Someone just got her first library card. Above, the haul, day one. I had to put some kind of cap on it, since we were walking home. Thank heavens for the double-decker stroller, is all I can say. Sixteen books we got here, ranging from Crocodiles and Alligators to Alligators and Crocodiles, plus gems on the sun, mud, sea otters, Passover, Chinese fables and fairy tales, the history of salt, birds, and my personal favorite title, Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution!

Meanwhile, little brother plots and plans.


Heh heh.


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  1. I’m excited about this news of a first library card. I remember getting lots and lots of picture books from the library when I was young… And I just got a Berkeley library card a few weeks ago. (I chose the “tie dyed” one.)

    I have some book recommendations for your family: The Short But Incredibly Happy Life of Riley by Colin Thompson, Old Turtle by Douglas Wood, Ish by Peter H. Reynolds.

  2. This brought back fond memories of the (pre-Prop 13) days when I loved being able to walk – by myself! – to the Bookmobile to spend ages browsing the options. Books galore! And records! That I could bring home! It was almost rivaled by the annual end-of-the-school-year “obsolete” book giveaway by the school library. I never could figure out how books by Jack London and Mark Twain could become obsolete…it wasn’t like the encyclopedias (which were still fun to read). I always came home with an armload.

    If you have a “baby book” for your son, definitely add these pictures of him. In 20 years, when he’s pitching a major hissy fit, you can whip ’em out and show him when it all began.

  3. Ah, Bryna, we must share libraries!

    We’re also huge fans of Mo Willems, especially the “Knuffle Bunny” books. Also David Weisner (who wrote “Tuesday”, among others)… I use “wrote” loosely, since his books tend to have few, if any, words. But fascinating. Happy Reading!

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