Halloween costume preview


I hope I’m not giving too much away about his Halloween costume this year. Least this picture doesn’t show it with the blinkey red lights emanating from under the — what’s the word for that stuff? tule?  Oh, man, was he electrified (well he was!) by the discovery of that feature, by the way. “A twinkley dress! A blinkey twinkley dress!” Secretly thinking inside, I’ll bet, “Ha! No WAY the big sister could ever have had something like THIS!”

There will come a day when he takes his measure with a stick other than something he’s plucked right off her person, but that day has not yet come.

The headwear on this year’s get-up will be different than shown above, and he may not use this flashlight as his wand. Though I think I might suggest he seriously consider it. It does have the dual purpose of proper fairy godmotherly accessorizing and prudent night safety.

(A coupla years back, sister was a dragon and then a bee, whilst brother was a very smiley leopard.)

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  1. Bryna October 28, 2010 at #

    This is so exciting! Thanks for the photo.

  2. theredbaron October 28, 2010 at #

    Thanks for clarifying the flashlight bit. I was puzzled (and moderately concerned) when it appeared to be a huge scythe…not quite the outfit for mowing lawns the hard way!

    • Lesbian Dad October 29, 2010 at #

      Yer welcome, Bryna! If you trick-or-treat in our neighborhood, you may actually get a glimpse in the flesh!

      And theredbaron: Grim reaper outfit is in the shop. Plus I told him: Look. You got to at least be capable of spelling “scythe-brandishing grim reaper fairy” before you actually impersonate one for Halloween.

  3. theredbaron October 29, 2010 at #

    Ha! 🙂

  4. pablohoneysf November 6, 2010 at #

    *heart explodes*… boy child just makes me melt …

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