Lesbian Dad

Fall Guy

Fall, the hinge season: time of transition, from warm to chilly, from preferred (by many) to tolerated (by most).  Longer, pleasant days give way to shorter, often less pleasant ones. So-called because leaves fall from trees, which image–leaf separating from tree, doing so in obedience to the inexorable pull, life’s

First day of school

Playground squeeze, first day of school, Berkeley, CA. He is ready. He’s been ready for who knows how long, whether he knew it before today or not. He was ready today, from the moment he awoke, to the moment he tied his shoes on the stairs, to the moment he

Easy come, easy go

Kyburz, CA, in nearly its entirety. Thus endeth our Sierra Nevada end-of-summer idyll. With neither bang nor whimper, but instead some whimsy. My kids love this sign, which I like to take as a sign that there’ll be much mirth (and healthy non-attachment) in their future.  A worthy goal, whatever

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