3 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 11.10.07”

  1. Consuming one’s own body weight in burgers & fries?

    We have officially just reached the end of the time in which Noah could share my dinner. We had burgersnfries on Saturday, and Noah ate half of mine. He would happily have eaten more, except that I’d eaten my half faster. We rounded out the meal with some corn. 🙂

  2. You know, kokojero, I had half a mind (but only half of one) to keep this in color and follow it up to my previous picture entitled “Hat eats bagel.” This one would get your title.

    And Liza, I have to concede, in a fit of journalistic integrity, that she pretty much made as much a dent in this thing as a hamster might have. If it had, like, three minutes to eat all it could. Okay, two minutes. But at least for a period of around fifteen minutes, as the lil’ monkey fiddled and nibbled, the beloved got her hopes up that the child might, finally, this time, Eat Something. Now half of an adult portion of “burgersnfries,” well. That would give us the vapors.

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