Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 08.23.10


Sister pillow, Berkeley, CA.

I know, I know! Another bare-bones (post-skimpy) week last week. It’s killin’ me. I tell you, though. Peace, quiet, and adequate time to hunker down and do justice to all the stories and ideas floating around in the head are right there on the horizon. I can see ’em from here, I swear! Meanwhile, as ever, thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 08.23.10”

  1. The lil peanut is wearing a flower desing skirt xD your kids have a great relationship..is dificult for me to believe it since my brother and I have not very closed relation we get along but nothing close to this… the lil monkey and peanut love! each other is quite a something to see 😀

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