4 thoughts on “Sister-brother movement-stillness”

  1. I know you don’t need me to tell you this but they are growing up so bloomin’ fast! Just goes to show how long I’ve actually been following your blog 😀

    • Major smiley face back atcha, sister! 🙂

      And it does help to have some corroboration regarding their bloomin’ bloomin’. In this image, the little guy shocked me by looking a bit like what I imagine he will as a young teenager. It’s only in still images that I can see that stuff. In real life, tugged this way and that by movement, it’s impossible to tell.

  2. I cannot believe that when I met them ( just over a year ago!) he was such a wee tot, and she was *not* that long gazelle-like creature. I love that his hair is shaggy again 🙂
    Cheers! Beautiful picture, as always.

    • Thank you. (I like the shaggy hair, too. He’s trying to grow it to Rapunzel’s length, but public health concerns may keep it to Cher length.)

      And ah, so much not to believe since you met them, eh? On the happy side, your bladder wasn’t being danced upon by a crazy little one just over a year ago, neither! About which, hearty congratulations! Time never speeds up so much as it does around little, growing people. And probably never slows down so much as it does when one is en route. I hope to see your fresh little one at our next puppet show next spring!

      [PS: more shocking elongated big kiddery below]

      field dance 1

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