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  1. Five! Unbelievable! Congrats to you an your family. Hey, that’ll make her one of the oldest kids in all her classes. As a March child I wished I was born in September.

    • She is definitely one of the taller little Kindergarteners. But in our state, the cutoff date is December 1st. So she’ll be older than the October and November kids, but younger than everybody else. I remember that as an October birthday kid, and rather liked it. Dunno how this’ll sit with her, but I have hope.

      Last week she picked a dark grey rock out of a group of light grey rocks and said, “This is unique!” We’d learned the word long ago watching Dottie’s Magic Pockets, the LGBT family-friendly kid’s DVD (of course they’d work on words like that, right?). We played around with the word some, talking about some ways that kids are unique from one another in her class, about how she’s unique from them. I mentioned that in contrast to many similarities, she’s unique since she’s the only kid in her class (one of two in the school’s Kindergarten class) from a “two mom family” or the only one with a woman Baba (another fast friend of hers in Kindergarten has a Baba, but in the classic, male father from the subcontinent sense of the word). She said, brightly, “That’s okay, I like being unique!”

      I know there’ll be times when she won’t feel this way, and we haven’t run aground yet on some kid’s or parent’s or teacher’s ignorance yet. But it was a great thing to hear.

  2. You are one lucky Baba! She is one groovy cat!
    I wondered if you would talk about DVDs in the children’s lit presentation…. these would be good to mention if you do.
    and a p.s., one of my favorite kid’s books is “Hip Cat” (Jonathan London) … doesn’t have anything to do with LGBT families, but it is so FUN to read aloud!

  3. Ooh, yeah. Well my thought was to talk about embedding family diversity readings in larger units on family diversity, and in that case, Groundspark’s That’s a Family! is classic, and comes with fabulous curriculum guides for elementary classrooms. Even comes with insight about the best ways to go about broaching the topic of doing the curriculum. They’re fantastic.

    Love the Cool Hip Cat reference!

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