7 thoughts on “The tribulations of the older sibling (Chapter One)”

  1. And she’s all pretty and dressed up and pink.

    But it’s baby baby baby.

    Fortunately she’s at the age when hitting the bottle is still an acceptable response, I guess.

  2. Nothing beats the blues like a slug of yogurt-juice drink.

    And Liza: you’re tellin’ me. We are firmly positioned downstream from these people for the hand-me-downs. The monkey’s shirt, though — a toddler version of Code Pink: Women for Peace — was a gift from my Sister in Struggle in NOLA, who also gave us a “Future Feminist” t-shirt (from the Nat’l Women’s Studies Ass’n), and another fabu message T. My advice to all: wait to spawn until your friends and family have done so first, then sit back and wait for the bounty to flow your way. If the guitar pants haven’t been spoken for, I’ll see if I can’t snag ’em for Noah!

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