5 thoughts on “Indiana in New York”

  1. I’ve been past that sculpture myself. I’ve been to New York three times. What a town! I hope to live there one day, if I can figure out the visa situation, health care and just plain money.

  2. I’m the dolt who didn’t know you at the community keynote yesterday. “Your blog sounds familiar,” I said. Everyone looked down or turned away, embarrassed by my faux pas but, not me, I’m used to such humiliating moments. Thanks for graciously laughing it off. LOVE your photos and look forward to reading more.

    • Dolt, schmolt! Faux pas, schmaux pas! Humiliatimg moment, schmumiliating moment! Anything other than gracious laughing off would be ITSELF a faux pas, yes! Committed by a dolt!

      Also, I paid all those gals at that table. Costly, but worth it. Welcome, thank you; it was a great keynote, yes?

  3. I do believe I was present at the taking of that photograph. I do also believe I had just eaten a hot dog which made me much more pleasant company. I hope I get to see those hot dog pics someday!

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