7 thoughts on “13th of 21”

  1. “served on nitrogen”? – they should get over themselves.
    But having left the advertizing business in disgust, I should know that the brewer is probably a modest, dedicated, serious guy, who is embarrased that the agencys copy writer came up with this.
    (I used to be a copy writer, but don’t tell my mom, she thinks I was a stripper).

    • All’s I can say is that I am not embarrassed at how tasty it was, whatever liquid, solid, or gas it was served on (other than the green table). That, and I’ll never get over what a delight (and necessity) it is to reacquaint oneself with one’s life partner every so often.

  2. Mmm. That’s making me thirsty! Can I have a sip?

    I just finished a big work project and was contemplating leaving work earlier than 7 pm, and this photo just tipped me over the edge!

    • I’ll bet the high-quality of the image is what did you in. I just happened to have this really nifty pocket-sized camera with me at the time. See, a really generous friend lent it to me while I wait for my Ponzi-scheme investments to pay off, which is what I need to afford my SLR’s repair costs, and — wait! It’s your camera!

      I owe you a beer.

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