Lesbian Dad

On the town

A quick pair of images from NYC last night, posted between BlogHer sessions.


Above, three self-described “giddy fangirls” (Briar, Calliope, and Liza) await Dr. Rachel Maddow’s appearance, evidently perhaps even via parachute, following the close of her Friday night broadcast. I was in attendance as sober, nonchalant chaperone. To almost everyone’s severe disappointment, we missed her. Though if we had seen her, and Dr. Maddow had stopped and stared at me and exclaimed, “Uncanny!” I would have been kind enough to have extended my hand to shake hers and say, “I know! But you’ll notice I’m just a little taller than you.”


Above, my daughter romps on Stinson Beach, CA. On video. On 6th Ave.

Now back to why I’m actually here!

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