6 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 05.17.10”

    • He is a very pleased, very happy boy. What’s wonderful is that his spectrum is wide: he is gentle and sweet, and also emits crazy sounds and runs at the couch and dives headlong into the cushins. All people have such a spectrum (leastwise I think so), and I’m just so glad that so far we’ve been able to provide him — or carve out for him — enough space for us to see it.

  1. Dude (I can call you that, no?), I took Julian to see Free to Be You and Me at the Ashby Stage on Mother’s Day and during “William Wants a Doll” I started crying. Sob! That poor little boy! Sob!

    Now? You show me these sweet pictures? My eyes fill not for your little man, who can have all the dolls he wants, but for that fictional William of the 70s. And for my own little man who will go off to the big school next year, still not caring about Star Wars, Bakugan, or organized sports of any kind. May he not suffer.

    • Call me “Dude” any day of the week, sister. And man am I sorry we missed seeing that! We saw it last year on Baba’s Day at the Castro, but I’d prefer to see it annually. Last year our lil’ peanut was, well, really a lot younger. This year he would connect to that song in a whole new deeper way.

      And I share your sentiment: may your own boy hold on tight to his whole self. From our daughter’s Kindergarten class, I’m happy to report a whole range of boys and girls coexist with — so far — a goodly amount of mutual respect. But what our kids do, internally, to get by and not be a target for ridicule, well. Unless we sew mini-cams into their little t-shirts, we may never know. Sigh.

  2. I was just going to comment on the loveliness of the pictures, but then you had to go say, “I’m just so glad that so far we’ve been able to provide him — or carve out for him — enough space for us to see it” and see? Now I’m all humbled by the perfect beauty of your words, just like I am all the time.

    I think I’m sending that to everyone I’ll ever know who ever has a child.

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