Lesbian Dad

View from the loo


And quite a loo view it is.  Yours for the price of admission at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  Okay, yours for the price of admission, plus the need to use it.  Non loo-users get even more. As you might imagine.

Just occurs to me that not every reader will recognize the wee hiccup of landmark in view. A free “Amor Vincit Omnia” button to the first one who identifies it. And let’s hope I send you the button faster than I sent another promised button to stalwart, not-to-be-deterred reader Chumpy. Which is to say, hers is in an addressed envelope awaiting the perfect moment for the perfect accompanying note. Has been in this state for nigh on a year, maybe two. Or is it going on three? Might be three. Don’t worry, landmark guesser. Things are looking up around Casa LD, and I have high hopes.

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