Weekend bonus shot, 05.09.10


True story, Sausalito, CA.

I asked the girlchild to complete the sentence.  She hardly even paused before she chalked up the last two words. [Locale: Bay Area Discovery Museum.]

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  1. Vikki May 11, 2010 at #

    There is a lot of sweetness going on in the Casa de LesbianDad right now.

    • Lesbian Dad May 12, 2010 at #


      Lotta appreciation, I’ll tell you that. On our mirror in huge letters: “This is it.” Hopefully self-explanatory. (Quick expl: that future you think or dream about, the complex chemical combination of will and luck and — what do people think: entitlement? — that will bring us what we want. Not happening. Only thing happening: this, now. And we are friggin’ lucky to have it. Whatever it is. That’s the doozy. Whatever it is. Buddhists call it our “precious human birth,” the incredibly fortunate opportunity to give it a whirl at this level. Not to be squandered, nor taken for granted.)

      Now off to get the crazed rugrats to bed while the Mrs. listens to local youth auditioning for her fall show.

      Thank you for the kind dot of warmth. Wee dot back atcha.

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