Dance party





Yep, those are me knickers they fished out of the clean laundry on the bed. Baba runs a tight ship.

Of course when the kids yelled out “Baba you have to come in here and see this!” (which they did), I have to admit that I did not roundly berate them and order them “Off the bed this very instant, and fold some of that heaping mound of laundry while you’re at it before you leave the room, you little wretches!” Instead, I ran and fetched the camera.  What constitutes “tight ship” is all relative.

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  1. Bionic Brooklynite May 6, 2010 at #

    is it me, or is there something sandal-movie about that last shot?

    the second to last is my favorite, though. sandal-movie plus rocker-rage.

    • Lesbian Dad May 6, 2010 at #

      **feverishly Googles “sandal-movie”**

      Wheew. Way better than I thought.

      I think we should invite sandal-movie captions for the last shot mebbe. Something valliant liberator-y.

  2. annz May 6, 2010 at #

    What was the sound track?

    • Lesbian Dad May 6, 2010 at #

      It was improvised on the spot. Lots of “boom boom” and “bam bam” for the beat parts. No one was injured, that’s the main thing.

  3. Vikki May 11, 2010 at #

    The second to last photo is amazing. She looks like some sort of Underpantysaurus.

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