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Face-making at DadDad’s place.

Is this a several days late post for Dana’s Blogging for LGBT Families Day? Alas, it is not.

I had one, a several days late post for Blogging for LGBT Families Day, or BFLGBTFD as I like to call it.  But the ether ate it. That plus the internet. Which equals: ethernet.

Alas, discretionary time for writing being what it is at Casa LD (i.e., in extra-short supply), all’s I could do is fish up this kid pic from the queue.  Not exactly a proper proxy for a BFLGBTFD post, but a place-holder.  Let’s hope it doesn’t have to hold the place for ever and ever. The land of lost LD posts: a lonely and way overpopulated place.

Time: can’t live with it, can’t shoot it, I always say.

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