Weekend bonus shot, 11.29.08


Chocolate pecan pie sous-chef, Berkeley, CA.

2 Responses to Weekend bonus shot, 11.29.08

  1. lizk November 30, 2008 at #

    I take it the quality-control checker approved. 🙂

    Chocolate pecan pie — what ambitious person actually looked at a pecan pie and thought, “I can do that one better!”?

    Hope everyone had a Thanksgiving filled with love and wonderful feasting.

  2. Lesbian Dad December 2, 2008 at #

    Many, many warm thanks. Quality-control checker said: “Yummy!” And the last of the leftovers just got vacuumed up by Auntie R today.

    By the way: whomever thought to best a pecan pie was ambitious, and totally visionary. Winning recipe here.

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