Weekend bonus shot, 01.10.10


Weekend morning reading, Berkeley, CA.

3 Responses to Weekend bonus shot, 01.10.10

  1. raisedq January 10, 2010 at #

    You take the (say it like “thee”) best pictures. Beautiful.

    • Lesbian Dad January 12, 2010 at #

      Thank you! My family is (within reason) very accommodating to my blurting out, “Hang on! Don’t move! I’ll be right back!” & etc.

  2. ullalauridsen January 15, 2010 at #

    Sweetest picture ever! Recently MY sweetie (my husband) entered our daughters room at 8 a.m. on a saturday morning, and exclaimed, pleasantly surprised: You’re up early!
    ‘Er, no,’ she said, ‘I haven’t slept yet!’
    Enjoy while you can!

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