Greetings from Broccoli, CA


As I quipped on Twitter the other day — and that’s pretty much the main thing you can do on Twitter, quip:

3 kinds of menopause. Angry kind. Weepy kind. And chuck the broccoli over yer shoulder into the kitchen when yer son refuses to eat it kind.

Then I added:

Guess which kind I have.

Really, that was a rhetorical question. Thus the lack of question mark. The kids don’t lose any sleep at night wondering which kind of menopause Baba has, either. What I like to think is that they don’t lose any sleep at night worrying about it either.

Fortunately, as all sane people do in intermittently insane situations, we fold whatever wrinkles we can into humor as quickly as possible. So by the end of the evening, this event had taken on the stature of household legend, a standard against which all future outbursts of frustration will likely be judged.

Meanwhile, the girl child decided to issue an all-purpose reminder.  Her spelling is idiosyncratic (warned you before!), but I think the gist comes across.

6 Responses to Greetings from Broccoli, CA

  1. BeethovenLives January 13, 2010 at #

    I take it thats “co-orperation”? What a wide vocab she has! 😛

    Also, I want “Dont throw broccoli” on a t-shirt

  2. Tara R January 14, 2010 at #

    I will have that Dana Carvey ‘chopping broccoli’ skit in my head all night. I do love the sign too.

  3. vegas710 January 14, 2010 at #

    This might be my favorite post ever.

    • Lesbian Dad January 14, 2010 at #

      Welcome! And O thank heavens. It was a judgement call. What with my fear that CPS might be a-knockin’ on the door any minute.

  4. rev2bebt January 14, 2010 at #

    The green, broccoli-esque butterfly at the bottom really makes it.

  5. Dana January 16, 2010 at #

    That’s hysterical. My own son is in the throes of spelling creativity as well. I think my favorite was when he did a poster for some action movie he’s going to make (watch out, Spielberg!) and described it as “Umyoozing. The eksuydinngest thing youv evr seen.”

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