B-day moments

As the weeks of blog posting drought turn into months, our house remodel looks to be limping toward its final (month-long?) lap. Apologies, all around. Meanwhile, for you drought-tolerant stalwarts, here are a coupla family-only birthday moments. Since someone turned six this past weekend. [Pending model releases from other party goers/parents thereof, plus the OK to use some fabulous images made by a chum, a coupla more may come down the pike in future days. The LD-vets will know not to bet cash money on this, alas. Still, my own hope continues to spring eternal.]


As a special birthday gift, brother practices making his sister disappear. Doesn’t work.

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Having a wonderful time…


…wish you were here!

The closest thing to a post I can do right now. Would that the imagery above symbolized my working on this blog, you know, like implementing the dozen or so fixies I have in mind for its betterment. But nope. That’s literal, my kitchen, last night circa 12:45am. I was thinking of you  (yes! you!) at that hour, and about what a sorry, derelict state  things have got to over here in the virtual casa LD. What with the actual casa being knee-deep in its own betterment.

I am beginning to sound like a contractor here (“I swear! It’ll be done soon! Like, next week!”), but, well. I think it’ll be done soon. Meanwhile I’ll trickle what I can this-a-way, and trust you to talk amongst yourselves. Do drop in again soon!

What’s the story?

Hey, you drought-tolerant LD readers! I have a question for you.

I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to be on a panel about LGBT families at this weekend’s National Lesbian & Gay Journalist’s Association LGBT Media Summit and National Convention.  I’ll be joining several others — Judy Appel, Executive Director of Our Family Coalition, the Bay Area’s LGBTQ Family organization; Mark Snyder, Communications Coordinator at COLAGE; and Charlie Spiegel, founding Executive Director of Our Family Coalition, former Lambda Legal Board co-Chair, and family law attorney.

What should LGBT journalists know about our families? What stories are important to you and your family that aren’t being reported? Are there images or notions about us — inaccurate, or even oversimplified — that you find are beginning to lodge and need displacement by more nuanced reporting? Do you have any fresh, inventive ideas about how interested journalists can find us and tell our stories, or get our “angle” on LGBT and general-purpose family stories?

Anything you leave here in a comment (or directly to me via my contact form) I’ll be able to peek at and share at the panel, which happens in the afternoon on Saturday, September 4. Short notice, I know. I’ll appreciate whatever you can share with me, and via me, them.