My people


Pogonip park, Santa Cruz, CA.

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  1. raisedq November 13, 2009 at #

    Your people are a beautiful focal point in the landscape of this photo.

    • Lesbian Dad November 13, 2009 at #

      Thank you so much. The light was amazing (all the light this time of year is), and the meadow so beautiful. Lately I’ve been feeling it, when we’re out together: the groupness of us all by now. Quite something. I’d do anything on the planet for these people, I think.

  2. lizk November 14, 2009 at #

    Love the long shaddows, and how they are all walking toward the light, unaware (it seems) of the larger-than-life impression they leave behind them.


    • Lesbian Dad November 14, 2009 at #


      You really should hire yourself out for PR work. Or maybe I really should pay you for it.


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